Lista produktów marki Northern Electronics

Polar Inertia –...

A1: Environment Control
A2: Smothering Dreams
B1: Dark Territory
B2: Breaking Waves
C1: Deflection V
C2: Modeless Singularity
D1: Arctic Horizon
D2: Interlude (Sound Stroke)

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Varg²™ ‎– Fuck Varg

A1: I’ve Spent €3000 On A New Laptop, And This Is What It Sounds Like?
A2: Thirst (Dressed In Nothing But UV Paint And Biodegradable Glitter)
B1: This Room Has Many Faces, Many Gods And Many Faces (Dressed In Nothing But Cum And Bedazzled Angel Wings)
B2: Parasites (Honest Music For Dishonest People) Featuring – G19

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Varg – Sky City: A...

A1: A Weak Heart To Break (Bd 4-Ever)
A2: The Fallen Star Was Just A Man : Buff_depressed
B1: This Wretched Light (feat. Patrick Quick)
B2: Spit!: Cheatingintensitybuff_passionate (Motherlode)

Cena 55,90 zł

Varg ‎– Sky City: Even...

A1: Cyclone (Even In The Heart Of Heaven, Angels Can Still Feel Fear)
A2: Crush The System: Soak.Create Soak Party Situation
B1: Death.Toggle : Cheatingintensitybuff_fearless (Feat Fatal Chatline)
B2: Green Flames Covering The Winter Sky (Vasterbotten)

Cena 55,90 zł