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Pontiac Streator – Triz
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Pontiac Streator – Triz

Motion Ward MW008
Cena 109,90 zł
A1: Cum Angelus
A2: Post Los
B1: Triz Cohors Pt. 3
B2: Lamp Fest
C1: Angelus Spit (feat. Mister Water Wet)
C2: Transier Unt
C3: Om Ne Ud
D1: Trizlang Gem (feat. Ulla)
D2: Stuck In A Cave
Calibre – Planet Hearth
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Calibre – Planet Hearth

Signature Records SIGLP014
Cena 129,90 zł
A1: Hills
A2: Colby Park
A3: Eratik
A4: Five Minute Flame
B1: Planet Hearth
B2: Walking In Circles
B3: Sheven
C1: Thought Fields
C2: Error
C3: Waiting For Reasons
D1: Chasm
D2: Pine
D3: Down That Road
Skalpel ‎– Skalpel
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Skalpel ‎– Skalpel

Ninja Tune ZEN87
Cena 89,90 zł
A1: High
A2: Not Too Bad
A3: 1958
B1: Together
B2: So Far
B3: Break In
C1: Wonderland In Alice
C2: Asphodel
C3: Directions 3
D1: Quiz
D2: Theme From "Behind The Curtain"
D3: Sculpture
Olga Wojciechowska ‎– Maps...
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Olga Wojciechowska ‎– Maps And Mazes

Time Released Sound TRS090
Cena 149,90 zł
A1: The White Spaces
A2: Primal Fear
A3: Melting Into Unknown
A4: Number Of Possible Worlds
A5: Walk My Shadow Home
B1: Lazy Indifference
B2: Resonating Memories
B3: Abandoned Words
B4: I'm Never Not Thinking About You
B5: Eternal Sunset
Rødhåd ‎– Mood
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Rødhåd ‎– Mood

Cena 109,90 zł
A1: Flying Between The Clusters Of Trees Without Buoyoant, Floating Wing Beat
A2: He Was Beginning To Despair Of Ever Knowing
A3: Like Sleepwalkers Ghosting Through A Dreamscape
A4: Lions In The Supermarket Don‘t Sound Like Humans
B1: Misty Fog Covering The Side Window
B2: He Or She Will Then Drill Into The Pulp To Reach The Root Canal
B3: Into Your Brain - A News Report Said The Line Carried 13,000 Volts Of Electricity
B4: The Film Is About A Clown Who Leaves His Circus And Lives In A Building Near The Railway Station
B5: She Wanted Her To Grow Up In A Nice House With A Backyard, So She Could Play
C1: The Drawings Were Rearranged, As If By Magic
C2: He Didn‘t Seem The Kind Of Guy Who Would Just Get Talking To A Stranger
D1: Pigeons Dancing On The Roof
D2: When They Returned Home After Midnight
D3: I Wanted To Hold Her Close And Whisper In Her Ear That She‘d Be Fine
D4: Good Bye My Love
Barker – Utility
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Barker – Utility

Ostgut Ton ostgutlp32
Cena 94,90 zł
A1: Paradise Engineering
A2: Posmean
A3: Experience Machines
B1: Gradients Of Bliss
B2: Hedonic Treadmill
C1: Models Of Wellbeing
C2: Utility
D1: Wireheading
D2: Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order