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Yagya ‎– Old Dreams And Memories

A1: For The First Time (はじめてのものに)
A2: Mountain Story (山の物語)
B1: Reminiscent (追憶)
B2: Memories Of Old Dreams (昔の夢と思ひ出を)
B3: Light And Shadow (光と影)
C1: Wandering In The Fog (霧の中で)
C2: Rainbow And Human (虹とひとと)
D1: Beauty In Loneliness (孤独の美)
D2: Overflowing Darkness (溢れひたす闇に)
D3: Travelled Road (ゆくての道)
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Icelandic producer Adalsteinn Gudmundsson aka Yagya now launches his own new Small Plastic Animals imprint with a brand new album, Old Dreams and Memories. After nearly two decades of releasing his Icy dub techno on labels like Sending Orbs, Delsin Records and A Strangly Isolated Place, his latest album marks a subtle move away from the sound he has dealt in before. Still slowly propulsive rhythms underpinning every track, but they are only a small part of the overall picture. Old Dreams and Memories is a rich symphony of luxurious sound, with transportive rhythms and hugely evocative layers of melody, the human voice and cinematic sampling all showing a further evolution in the art of this standalone producer. With vocals by Natsuko Yanagimoto, poems by Michizo Tachihara and saxophone by Oskar Gudjondsson.




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