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Nadia Struiwigh – Voxis Ohlun EP
Nadia Struiwigh – Voxis Ohlun EP
Nadia Struiwigh – Voxis Ohlun EP

Nadia Struiwigh – Voxis Ohlun EP

Blueprint / BP073
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64,90 zł
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A1: D4mp
A2: Aella
B1: Voxis Ohlun
B2: Scroll Socery
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Dutch synth-wizard Nadia Struiwigh brings her eclectic live approach to Blueprint Records. On the "Voxis Ohlun EP", Struiwigh reflects her profound command over synthesis and sequencing, crafting upfront techno with a vigorous, nostalgic feel.

Nadia Struiwigh, the Dutch artist rooted in Rotterdam and currently based in Berlin, has carved a unique niche in the electronic music scene.á Her genre-defying compositions, blending ambient, techno and electro, exhibit her signature ethereal and melodious production style, with a discography gracing acclaimed labels like Central Processing Unit, Nous'klaer, Dekmantel, Clone and InFinÒ.á Inspired by the Warp school of electronica, her live performances (ranging from immersive ambient to kinetic techno) are a testament to her technical prowess and emotional connection with her audience.á A versatile DJ and live act, she graces both concert halls and strobe-lit club sessions, curating sets that span from driving techno to deeper, emotive realms, earning her residencies at venues like Tresor.á Her versatile expertise extends beyond music; she collaborates with pioneering music brands such as Roland, Korg, Teenage Engineering, Arturia and others, embodying her reputation as a leading tech enthusiast within the industry.á Her contributions to esteemed platforms like Resident Advisor, Phantasy, Bleep, Slam Radio and Red Light Radio underscore her adaptability and prowess across a wide spectrum of electronic music, further solidifying her multifaceted presence in the field.

"Voxis Ohlun" invites you into a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting landscapes of the '90s, blending diverse musical influences seamlessly.á The focus here is on 4x4 dancefloor music, adorned with a tantalizing hint of breaks and pulsating rhythms, and a sprinkle of fairyland allure.á Crafted using only hardware, predominantly the beloved Korg Electribe MX, the sounds resonate with the essence of that era.á Each track unfolds like a chapter in a wondrous tale, interweaving nostalgia with a contemporary energy, ensuring an immersive experience.




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Nadia Struiwigh – Voxis...

58,41 zł 64,90 zł