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Arno – Motorbass EP

A1: Motorbass
A2: A Bass Day (DeWalta Transcendental Mix)
B1: A Bass Day
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Did you say, Dance? Arno opens the release with Motorbass, a constantly shifting groover revolving around percussive bliss. Breaks, melodic motifs and a sultry vocal stab are flipped to seamlessly blend the evocative arrangement of this driving bass journey. DeWalta's Transcendental Mix of A Bass Day builds on a rhythmic shuffle while euphoric melodies, finessed voices and distant cymbal splashes swirl with playful pulses of bass throughout. A Bass Day surges forward with a droning, meditative, pulsating low-end. Arno smoothly evolves key piano moments into echoing dub-laden abstractions that oscillate with the steady metre of building hats and bouncing drums. 




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