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Dynarec / Captain Mustache – Acid Avengers 022

A1: Dynarec - Rebelmodel
A2: Dynarec - Ports Of Innocence
B1: Captain Mustache - Rave Silencieuse
B2: Captain Mustache - Hang The DJ (feat. Dynarec)
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Acid Avengers are back with a new insane split! Four bangers, two French buddies you already discovered thru some of the best electro labels such as Solar One, New Flesh, Bordello A Parigi, Delsin, Kompakt, Nocta Numerica, or Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder. Coming from east of France (dynArec) as well as west coast (Captain Mustache), the two froggies deliver here four acid tunes for the floor, with an intense sexual groove and firmly designed to get your body moving!




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