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Jazxing – Pearls of the Baltic Sea

(Produkt przeceniony, ponieważ okładka posiada seam-split o długości 5cm na grzbiecie.)

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A1: Fala (feat. Michał Jan Ciesielski)
A2: W Uścisku (feat. Paweł Nowicki & Kamil Kozłowski)
A3: Artifacts
A4: Hyacinth (feat. Vojto Monteur)
B1: Neu Nostalgia
B2: Harbor Dub
B3: Shoegaze Dub
B4: Vijnana (feat. Krzysztof Filipiuk)
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A DJ and production duo from Gdańsk, Poland, have clocked up multiple appearances on the likes of Polena Recordings, The Very Polish Cut Outs, Transatlantyk Records and Father And Son Records, but have waited until now to drop their debut album. DJs Jakub Sautycz and Filipiuk draw inspiration from everyday life on the Baltic coast, and the unpredictability of Baltic weather, and yet one senses their productions are, mentally at least, languishing in the sun on a beach in Ibiza. The eight tracks show inspiration from the classic early indie dance remix culture of Weatherall and St Etienne, but also touch on trip hop and the purity of new age, ultimately making for a supremely horizontal but original offering.




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