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40 Thieves feat. Qzen...

Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC268-1

B2: Don't Turn It Off (Original)
A1: Don't Turn It Off (Session Victim Remix)
A2: Don't Turn It Off (Session Victim Dub Mix)
B1: Don't Turn It Off (Bella Boo Remix)

Cena 58,90 zł

Massimiliano Pagliara...

Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC247-1

A1: Half-Time Dreams (feat. Init)
A2: Persistently There
A3: See You In Paradise (feat. Vanessa)
B1: Reset (feat. Fort Romeau & Coloray)
B2: Snap Out (feat. Snax)
C1: Nocturnal Prowler
C2: Intense Affectionate
C3: Non Attachment
D1: Pepper On The Tongue (feat. Curses)
D2: Mitate

Cena 115,90 zł

Lauer – Answers 2 Trouble

Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC219-1

A1: Lil Forci Jr.
A2: Ghost (feat. Jasnau)
A3: Switec
B1: Make It Stay (feat. Dena)
B2: Valentino III
B3: Altalenanti (feat. Fabrizio Mammarella)
B4: No More Push-Backs
B5: Fait Accombli

Cena 71,90 zł

Red Axes ‎– Sun My...

Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC161-1

A1: Sun My Sweet Sun (Konstantin Sibold Afro Tech Mix)
B1: Sun My Sweet Sun (Fango Goes To Bollywood Remix)
B2: Sun My Sweet Sun (Red Axes Alternate Version)

Cena 43,90 zł