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Edanticonf – The Story Of Q
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Edanticonf – The Story Of Q

Furthur Electronix FE064
Cena podstawowa 115,90 zł -50% Cena 57,95 zł
A1: Introduction To A Different World
A2: The Story Of Q
A3: Unforgotten Memories
B1: Two Mysterious Full Moons
B2: Slow Nostalgia
C1: Behind The Door
C2: Hiding From Them
D1: A New Life
D2: Outside Together
Various ‎– Furthur Journeys...
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Various ‎– Furthur Journeys Into Electronix 2

Furthur Electronix FE022
Cena 225,90 zł
A1: µ-Ziq - Meridioid
A2: Greenravor - Etic
A3: Utopia Cloak - E.g.i
B1: Ben Sims - Day One, I Can See The Light
B2: Dawl - Cyberdrone
B3: Cignol - Amen323
C1: Lobec - 5am Nostalgia (Stripped Back Version)
C2: The Jaffa Kid - Sqa Desert
D1: Low Tape - Don't Leave Me
D2: Rico Casazza - R Dom
D3: D-UFO - Binary Star System
E1: Calix - Shadows Of Time
E2: WeRU - Quantum Leak
E3: Lostlojic - LV-426
F1: Drøn - Memories Of Earth
F2: Thee Almighty & Insane - Wiesel
F3: Blu3b0x - 3ibkHUEd