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OTHR – Deltoid

A1: Get Drilled
A2: Haste
B1: Deltoid
B2: Deltoid (Pablo Bozzi Remix)
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For KHIDI’s third release, the club presents the debut EP ‘Deltoid’ by resident DJ/producer OTHR (Ladouka Ninua). Ninua is a distinctive part of the Tbilisi techno scene and KHIDI in particular, performing many unforgettable DJ sets and live performances throughout the city’s formative electronic music landscape.

After releasing his debut track ‘Damage Your Pain’ on KHIDI’s first 12” compilation, OTHR has gained massive acknowledgment worldwide, turning him into a promising and prominent producer. Following more appearances and remixes, including one for Ancient Methods, Ninua delivers his first EP on KHIDI that forges his own handwriting in the international and Georgian techno spectrum. ‘Deltoid’ undoubtedly illustrates Ninua’s musical development, from his background as a guitarist and vocalist in metal and post-punk bands to his dedication in electronic music focused on the headiest sounds in techno.




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