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Border One – Cyclone

Token TOKEN105
A1: Cyclone
A2: Halo
B1: Stratus
B2: Spheric
54,90 zł
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Token sees the return of Brussels-based Border One for 4 tracks of no nonsense, body focused music. This collection of tracks, meant to deliver uncompromising groove, affirms Border One's sonic identity through his use of evolving yet persistent tension brewing above hypnotic elements. This signature storm adds a dimension to Cyclone that guides the listener between club and mind by adding this constant yet recognizable anticipation.

The EP opens up at full capacity with the title track; bent metallics over an intimidatingly deep kick are stalked and circled by a sinister pad that leaves only to release maximum tension. This peak-time cut is followed by the subdued A2 'Halo' where, this time, melodic ambience is prioritized. Light toms drive us forward to undress a track with a patiently strained arrangement, partially through a filter only opening fully midway through, imposing the producer's pace. Border One then lifts the energy with 'Stratus' through 1/16th rhythmics with an almost psychotic arpeggio and tunneling hi hats in a track that can be visually described as racing fractals. The invigoratingly hypnotic quality of 'Stratus' creates an ultimate closed-eye dance floor experience to then pull us into 'Spheric' that closes the EP out in an entirely new but familiar cosmic atmosphere. Space is given to this last cut, with short plucked synths resonating through vast soundscapes, giving the project an ethereal closing over lighter, bouncing percussion.




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