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KAS:ST – A Magic World

A1: The Gate
A2: A Magic World
B1: Mirrors
B2: Our Last Dance
B3: Letters
B4: Who's To Say What's Real
C1: Siren
C2: Earth On Hell
C3: Blood In Your Eyes
C4: 75ZOO
D1: Hope I'm Alone
D2: Never Look Away
D3: You Thought It Was The End
D4: Outomorrow
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KAS:ST took advantage of the confinement and the current situation to lock themselves up for nearly 6 months in their studio and kept pushing the limits of their creation.

Joined for the first time by multiple singers, they show throughout this ‘A Magic World' their desire to break boundaries and thus increasingly develop their vision by mixing even more musical universes: techno, rap, classical music, ambient or pop.

Each track of the Album takes us in very different directions and emotions, and the title 'A Magic World' is in this sense a tribute to differences and diversity, whether we’re speaking of life or music.




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