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Yan Cook – LTD BLK 30 (Blue Vinyl)
Yan Cook – LTD BLK 30 (Blue Vinyl)
Yan Cook – LTD BLK 30 (Blue Vinyl)

Yan Cook – LTD BLK 30 (Blue Vinyl)

Planet Rhythm Records / PRRUKLTDBLK30
62,90 zł
A1: Nocturnal
A2: Proximity
B1: Antimatter
B2: Exomoon
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Netherlands outfit Planet Rhythm continues to fulfil their stated mission to explore the boundaries of dance music, and to 'design the future', with releases from talents whose music testifies the idea that techno is too big of a concept to be limited to a single idea. Yan Cook is one such talent in their eyes; his latest for PR's limited black labels series hears four laconic, calculative and dark techno numbers play back in cold step, like a one-track space probe feeling its way through a planetary ring of ice. Cook's sci-fi theme is inhospitable, with his take on the presence of 'Antimatter' in the universe amounting to a kind of fearful metallic object grating away in an echoic chamber; and 'Exomoon', which conjures the image of said celestial anomaly via frigidly bleak pads and starkly reverberative yawps and drum machines. A chilling vision of an exodic space-faring future, perhaps once in which we've been stripped of our humanities entirely.




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Yan Cook – LTD BLK 30 (Blue...

62,90 zł