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Lars Huismann – Catharsis EP

Lars Huismann – Catharsis EP

Mutual Rytm / MR-024
79,90 zł
A1: Divergence
A2: Portal
A3: Neural
B1: Riot
B2: Technician
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Lars Huismann drops fourth essential release on Mutual Rytm with 'Catharsis', following his successful 'Sounds From The Past' trilogy.

German producer Lars Huismann has a percussive and groove-driven take on techno that often comes with scintillating melodies and separates him from others amongst the genre. His releases have come on labels such as Dolly and Soma; however, he has also quickly become an essential member of the Mutual Rytm family, having contributed to the label's 'Federation Of Rytm III' VA as well as serving up a trio of forward-thinking EPs in the form of his 'Sounds From The Past' trilogy. Delivering yet more stellar material on SHDW's thriving imprint, his latest EP delivers the newest evolution in his sound while maintaining his signature sonic essence.

The hunched techno funk of 'Divergence' kicks off with plenty of plenty up energy and tight, bouncy synth vamps, while 'Portal' goes deep into a futuristic landscape with static-laced synths and oversized hi-hat ringlets that ramp up the pressure. The mighty 'Neural' is brilliantly functional and linear techno with a playful synth that rides up and down the mix as the sleek and slamming drums race onwards. 'Riot' brings some extra raved-up madness with serrated synths and raw percussive energy, and 'Technician' then slips into a deeper, more paired back sound with liquid synth lashing about the mix as dubby undercurrents power along the punchy rhythms and freaky vocals bring the menace. Digital bonus cuts 'Incognito', a fizzing, busy, textured techno workout, and the machine soul of 'Submerged' close out this high-grade EP in style.




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Lars Huismann – Catharsis EP

79,90 zł