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Biosphere – Microgravity

A1: Microgravity
A2: Baby Satellite
B1: Tranquilizer
B2: The Fairy Tale
C1: Cloudwalker II
C2: Chromosphere
C3: Cygnus-A
D1: Baby Interphase
D2: Biosphere II
E1: Search
E2: Avenue 2.3
E3: Clovis
F1: Coulee
F2: Ectozone
F3: Dewy Fields
F4: Eternal
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A remastered version of Biosphere´s debut album Microgravity on triple vinyl and double CD with a bonus album of unreleased tracks. From Wikipedia: Geir Jenssen began releasing his music as Biosphere on obscure Norwegian compilation albums. His first Biosphere releases were the 12-inch single "The Fairy Tale" and the album Microgravity, both of which were rejected by SSR as unmarketable.(1) Microgravity was released in 1991 on the Norwegian label Origo Sound, and saw wider release via the R&S Records subsidiary Apollo in 1992, to much critical acclaim.




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