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Tamburi Neri – Bolle Di Dolore EP
Tamburi Neri – Bolle Di Dolore EP
Tamburi Neri – Bolle Di Dolore EP

Tamburi Neri – Bolle Di Dolore EP

Danza Tribale / DNZT011
59,90 zł
B2: Bolle Di Dolore (Off The Meds Remix)
A1: Bolle Di Dolore
A2: Ricordi
B1: Flauto Magico
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Bolle di Dolore (Bubbles of Pain) is a journey through the emotions and feelings that affect us closely, which are related to what is happening around us today.

The suffering of men, women and children in the world who - looking for a better life - flee everyday from hopeless situations cannot leave us indifferent: the title track Bolle di Dolore is the perfect match with our sound and voice, which we wish could reach everyone's heart. In Flauto Magico (Magic Flute), through a strident sound resembling a lament, we are perfectly connected to such human tragedy, almost with a distant scream and tribal tones that give hope for a positive outcome.

Ricordi is the track related to all the experiences that end up in chaos and that do not lead to anything good.

These latter must teach us to walk away without making too much noise, while always bringing respect for those around you.

Closing the EP, the acid sounds of Swedish-South African boyband Off the Meds rework Bolle di Dolore together with their distinctive guttural vocals, in an evocative pidgin-like stream of consciousness interweaving with our narration.




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Tamburi Neri – Bolle Di...

59,90 zł