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KAS:ST – Dysphoria | Euphoria (Chapter 1)

A1: 11:11
A2: 22:22
B1: 33:33
B2: 44:44
C1: 11:11 (Deepbass Remix)
C2: 22:22 (Shlømo Remix)
D1: 33:33 (HVL Remix)
D2: 44:44 (Re:Axis Remix)
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"Dysphoria I Euphoria" is Parisian duo Kas:st's first large-scale project, Kas:st being the techno alias of label owners Ka One & St-Sene. By splitting this release into two double, consecutive EPs (FLY007 and FLY008), they wish to convey their vision for a modern techno, one at once hypnotic and dancefloor-oriented. To do so, they surrounded themselves with eight high profile remixers all sharing in the label's musical identity: Deepbass, Shlomo, Hvl and Re: Axis for the first EP; Luke Hess, Anetha, AWB and Setaoc Mass for the second one. Three more tracks will be available on free downloads via the Flyance's records Bandcamp's page. The goal of thoses three tracks is to give the possibility to expand the release and to offer to the peoples some tracks that can't be dissociate to the vinyl release. Indeed it will be an Intro (Enter), an Interlude (Transition State), and an Outro (Exit).




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