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Ruhig – Metaverse

Monday Off MOFF011
A1: Metaverse
A2: Numerical Analysis
B1: Abbreviation
B2: Abbreviation (Claudio PRC Remix)
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Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only, Berlin-via-Brooklyn Monday Off label is back to techno’s shadowy depths; where the music’s subtle dynamics unfurl in intensely cerebral and psychedelic ways. Italian maestro and Midgar, AWRY and Semantica artist Ruhig returns to MOFF with this stunning new four track release of hypnotic soundscapes. If the first rays of dawn could be captured in a deep techno track, it would sound something like opener Metaverse with its glistening, understated euphoria. Numerical Analysis plunges back into the darkness, as tension mounts via clattering dissonance throughout. On the flip, Abbreviation pulsates with driving rhythms and heady atmospherics. MOFF favourite Claudio PRC reworks Numerical Analysis into a groove-centric banger that ebbs and flows with mesmerizing precision while also being infectiously danceable.




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