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Various – Fuga III
Various – Fuga III
Various – Fuga III

Various – Fuga III

Token / TOKEN106
102,90 zł
A1: Ignez - Celestial
A2: Emily Jeanne - Red River Delta
B1: Altinbas, Cirkle - Uhlanga
B2: Alarico - Spit
C1: Dustmite - Filaments & Jaws
C2: Yant - Take The Reins
D1: Marcal - Dancing Pursuit
D2: Decka - Fractured
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For the third installment of Token's Fuga compilations, the label invites another list of 9 cutting edge artists to put their skills to the test. Ignez, Emily Jeanne, Altinbas & Cirkle, Alarico, Dustmite, Yant, Marcal, and Decka all offer their unique vision of contemporary club music for a collection of tunneling and intelligent cuts.

Introducing the compilation, Ignez warms us up with the appropriately-named 'Celestial' - a 6 minute argument between melody and dissonance over a thick percussive line. Emily Jeanne then continues with 'Red River Delta' to lift some of the weight with a dissociative mind-bender. The crisp sound design and wide stereo image allow for an exhale before Altinbas and Cirkle introduce their collaboration 'Uhlanga'. With our focus back on the body, the duo turn up the pace and prioritize groove. With rhythm at the forefront, depth is given to the track in the ambience, creating a rainforest-like atmosphere with resonant stabs streaking over the tighter low-end. Alarico then picks things up by taking advantage of this crescendo to present the energetic climax of the compilation with 'Spit'. Hypnotism becomes almost paranoia with vocal cuts camouflaging themselves in the pulse of the track that only releases us with the occasional fleeting arpeggio. Walls rise and we're in concrete for Dustmite's 'Filaments and Jaws', which wastes no time in introducing itself with clear intentions and an imposing, low hi hat. He then lifts the record with a hovering main synth that drifts the experience back into a nervosity that complements the preceding track. It's Yant's turn to guide us with 'Take the Reins' - an almost nostalgic record with infectious chord stabs over a pounding 909, before leaving us with Marcal. 'Dancing Pursuit' is offered to the listener as another dance floor weapon with a density in its percussion and ambience that's balanced by the sequence of the lead synth and creates a lot of energy. Decka then takes control with 'Fracture' with a brutally saturated kick over whipping two-bar synth loops to close out the compilation with a head-spinner.




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Various – Fuga III

102,90 zł