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Porter Ricks – Same LP

A1: Redundance 1
A2: Redundance 3
A3: Redundance (Version)
B1: Redundance 5
B2: Redundance 6
B3: Scuba Lounge
C1: Spoiled
C2: Spoil
D1: Decay Chart
D2: Explore
D3: Exposed
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Porter Ricks is a collaboration between Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig. After the Re-release of the legendary album "Biokinetics", which is superb subaquatic dub techno, we re-release Porter Ricks first album on Mille Plateaux. The album demonstrates the move to a kind of discoid funkyness with an underlying almost organic rhythmight. But still its not music for beautiful souls. Instead, it combines funkyness with alien sonic fluxes and the rhythm of a killing mover.




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