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a.b.u.303 – Anatolism

Paryìa PARYIA001
A1: Habibi
A2: Cinema Asia
B1: Space Trybez
B2: Sayokan
B3: Anatolism
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Marie Montexier, the head behind Paryìa, releases the label’s first EP by the German-Turkish artist a.b.u.3.0.3. Creating a range of slow and fast rhythms while mixing different genres from experimental structures to floor fillers, Paryìa I doesn’t only highlight a personal and intimate side of a.b.u.3.0.3.’s work but also Marie’s sense for crossing genre boundaries.

Influenced by this father’s culture a.b.u.3.0.3 blends elements of traditional anatol-folk with electronic music that shaped his youth. He combines bass heavy techno rhythms with deep acid patterns, letting his arrangements oscillate between nostalgic moods and contemporary sounds.




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