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Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams

Astral Industries / AI-28
164,90 zł
A1: Lucidity
A2: Prelucid Dream
A3: False Awakening
B1: Out-Of-The-Body Experiences
B2: Dream Control & Erotic Possibilities
C1: Achieving Lucidity
C2: Health Warning
C3: Nightmares
D1: Extrasensory Perception
D2: Implications
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AI-28 arrives as a double-12” reissue of an album titled “Lucid Dreams”. Formerly released in 1996 as a CD on the now defunct UK imprint em:t, the album now becomes available for the first time on vinyl. Produced collaboratively by Chris Allen, David Thompson (both co-founders of em:t), plus label affiliates Tom Smyth and Will Joss, the record features outlier academic and philosopher Celia Green narrating passages of her classic book “Lucid Dreams” (published in 1968), seamlessly embellished with atmospheric soundscapes throughout. 

Brooding amorphously on the cusp of the unknown, the music captures the quintessentially mysterious quality of dreams and dreaming. Layer by layer, the listener is submerged deep into the subconscious stream. The record curls and unwinds with bewildering influence whilst exploring key themes of Green’s studies, with topics covering hallucinatory states, apparitions, out of body experiences, and extrasensory perception. The collaborative handling of samples and sound material comes together powerfully to create a piece that is both artistically theatrical in flavour and sumptuously immersive – a true documentary for the ears and imagination.




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Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams

164,90 zł