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Edith Progue – Timeline

A1: 4 AM
A2: 5 AM
A3: 8 AM
A4: 10 PM
A5: 12 PM
B1: 2 PM
B2: 4 PM
B3: 6 PM
B4: 12 AM
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This magnificent project was born in 2006 on one of the most famous labels in the world Mille plateaux . It was in 2006 and just in CD. It was important that a vinyl version existed.

Edith Progue is the project of Paris-based musician, Bernie Swell. After having formed izdatso as a gathering of musicians and visual artists in 1999, Bernie Swell has slowly but surely moved to a more minimal approach towards digital composing. Timeline consists of a chronological report of the different moods experienced by the composer over a 24-hour period of time spent in an apartment overlooking the dark waters of Canal St. Martin in Paris. The dreamy environment created by the melodic sound of an acoustic piano is only troubled by the intrusion of a few micro-electronic beats and sounds. The music was created as an attempt to reconcile the noisy environment that surrounds day-to-day modern urban life with the inner peace that can eventually be found through meditation. While listening to these pieces, you might leave the TV or radio on, or hear a cell phone's new message alert, a fridge sub-bass might rumble or, more simply, an opened window on a busy street would constructively mix with these hypnosonic soundscapes, revealing the hidden art behind any intruding noise/sound manifestation.




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