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Losoul – Belong

A1: Taste Not Waste
A2: Late Play
B1: Resisting Curare
B2: Overland
C1: Snbeams And The Rain
C2: Position
D1: Depth Control
D2: You Can Do
D3: Trust
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20 years anniversary edition! Losoul, whose real name is Peter Kremeier, has been one of the leading figures of legendary 90’s and 00’s German label Playhouse. He released numerous LPs and EPs during the last three decades, including underground hit “Open Door". He also appeared under the names “Silhouette Electronique” and “Don Disco". Belong, originally released in 2000, gathers nine titles of pure electronic music. From minimalistic house (Taste not Waste), through 90’s trip hop (Sunbeams in the rain) all the way to more experimental endeavors (Late Play). The album also includes the track “Overland” which samples the bassline of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson in an eccentric and joyful way. Belong represents the 2000’s musical turn, with its delicate, smart, minimal and emotionally groovy sound. A pioneering yet soulful layout of independent electronic music. In a limited edition this exclusive vinyl reissue for Diggers Factory celebrates the 20th anniversary of its release. For this occasion, a new mastering was done by POLE in the SCAPE studios, and a revisited cover, divided in 20 parts, reassembling as the original version of the artwork.




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