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Frank Haag ‎– Raw And Saturated Blue EP

A1: Frank Haag - A Dash Of The Diabolical
B1: Anomal - Silicon Ballet
B2: Frank Haag - The Journey To Where You Already Are
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VBX is back with a tracky three tracker, courtesy of long term crew affiliate Frank Haag. His "Raw and Saturated Blue EP", featuring the first outing with Rick Maia under their Anomal moniker, perfectly showcases Haag's artistic evolution of the past years. "A Dash of the Diabolical" feels like a masterclass in contemporary minimalism; heady modulating soundscapes and trippy percussive elements, revolving around a solid driving backbone, make "Dash" stand proud in all its hypnotic glory.

The flip kicks off with Anomal's "Silicon Ballet". Equally driving, as it is elegant. This one has dancefloor destroyer written all over. A secret weapon for Raresh, who has been championing it in almost every set during the past 6 months, now finally available for all to play and enjoy. Don't sleep!

Haag signs off with "The Journey to Where You Already Are". Cut from the same repetitive cloth as "Dash", but evoking a completely different set of emotions. The combination of haunting pad sounds and spoken words make "Journey" suitable for early morning after hour sessions, but also for stay at home contemplative listening while enjoying a good glass of wine.




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