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Various – RERD 001

Readred RERD001
A1: Minube - Yrt
A2: Andrey Djackonda - Twirl This
B1: Ghertz - Tesla Vs Edison
B2: Ilya Dubrovin & Ovil - Jahata
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Cooling off the spacecraft after readred landed on its destination, their crew spotted an interisting material coming from a hole in the ground. Surprisingly it was the same element that is used to press vinyl so therefore they decided to release a VA.

The Pilot - Ghertz, concentrating on the smooth sine wave flow of the aircraft using his knowledge in modular power

The commander-in-chief - Minube, controlling the unexpected situations happening during the trip using his long years of hard work

The Colonel- Andrey Djackonda, supporting everybody with his happy vibes so that everything and everybody stays cool

The Defence-in-charge - Ovil and Ilya Dubrovin - United Russian and Moldovian power used in the journey to protect everything including the spacecraft and staff




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