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Alignment – Orderly Chaos (Marbled Vinyl)

A1: Orderly Chaos
A2: Future Dancefloor
B1: Into The Unknot
B2: Dark Space
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We know it. You know it. Alignment is here to stay. Delivering the next round of high quality tracks on vinyl for VN043, his "Orderly Chaos" EP mirrors our suspicious times like nothing else but techno can.

With its main title "Orderly Chaos" consisting of well balanced leads chasing a never ending drum programming, the consistent kick drum does what its used to do: thumping your already vibrating stomach. An early classic already, with a reasoned arrangement attached.

We're about to enter quicker territories on A2 by the name of "Future Dancefloor". Clearly focused on satisfying the biggest sound systems around, once possible again. For the time being, a forward moving rhythm infiltrates small vocal hits on this one, piercing the perfect state of rave.

"Into The Unknown" follows this mantra perfectly. Detailed synth placements evolve a steadily riding hi-hat shuffle, incorporating the flowing drumming which comes with it. On top of it, energising pad lines do their thing in catching us during a perfect breakdown.

Second b-side flip is "Dark Space", with the name saying it all. A distinctively darker sound atmosphere is paired with modulated patterns, systematically pushing the groove underneath. It's a next stage of production class, with harmonic elements driving one's imagination further. A perfect closing for your next, physical music purchase.




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