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BXTR – Automata

Primus PRIMUS001
A1: Carbon Skin
A2: Carbon Skin (Trudge Remix)
B1: Tears In Rain (Julian Muller Remix)
B2: Tears In Rain
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The first release of PRIMUS introduces the very first vinyl EP of French Artist BXTR. The 4-track EP "Automata" includes two original tracks from BXTR, and remixes by Julian Muller & Trudge. BXTR's fast yet emotional bangers define the sound of his musical vision influenced by the cyber universe. While the dreamy synths of Trudge bring "Carbon Skin" forward, Julian Muller's approach on "Tears in Rain" converts the original track to a proper rave gem. The debut EP demonstrates the sound of the label and presents it to the international scene.




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