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SNTS – The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity

A1: An Era Of Absurdity
A2: Bacchanalia
A3: Temporary Pleasure
B1: Defence Mechanisms
B2: Repressive Society
C1: Ego Death
C2: Power In History
D1: Judged By Uncertainty
D2: Empathy Over Indifference
D3: Hopeless
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"The Unfinished Fight Against Humanity" is SNTS' third full-length album following "The Rustling Of The Leaves" in 2015 and "Losing Sight" in 2016.

Ten tracks that are born from the combination of historical, mystical and current references, which lead to a reflection of how the human being can complicate its existence due to behaviour and the consequences that derive from such actions. The dark, hard and energetic rhythms of the album narrate the coexistence of diverse human values throughout history, from peace to war, from love to hate, from empathy to ego.

In words of the artist SNTS, "the human being has been created to live in society, the problem arises when society fails to coexist or compete to survive".




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