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Arthur Robert – Singularity EP (Orange Vinyl)

A1: Affluent
A2: Heartbreak
B1: Undecisive
B2: Penultimate
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Arthur Robert is the terrestrial antenna to receive the 8th transmission from our homeworld of Planet X. The message brings fragmented bits of sound and sight as our former world passes the event horizon of its neighbouring SMBH and ascends slowly into singularity. 

His interpretation give us the feeling of hurling thru unknown space at the speed of light while being absolutely still in our cocoon of sound. The deep pounding rhythm driving us forward while the cloustrophobic yet mesmerizing melodies guide us thru the wastness of open space, giving us glimpses of a world past his point of no return. 

As we welcome Robert to our roster of acoustonauts and thank you for your continued support over the years, we look forward to share with you even more and exciting explorations from the space of Planet X.




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