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Blame The Mono – Sustain The Rigour

A1: Forlorn (feat. HerrClem)
A2: Front Left Rodeo
B1: Conepusher
B2: Caledonian Woofers
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Following a first successful 2020 instalment and a contribution to our VA series, Blame The Mono are back on the Taapion mothership to deliver their second household EP. This 4-tracker stays true to the beloved influences of the duo by showcasing multiple genres and heavily using vocals, while keeping a dancefloor-focused essence. ''Sustain The Rigour'' translates the hard disciplined work Blame The Mono put in the studio switching over the techno recipe while keeping its original ingredients. Throughout the coldwave sonic explorations of Forlorn, endless vocal looping drive of Front Left Rodeo, bombastic Moog bassline of Conepusher or the spaced -out garagey vocal chops of Caledonian Woofers, this EP keeps both pace and inventivity rigorously high.




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