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Ü25 – Les Heures Félines

A1: Les Heures Félines
A2: Aux Courants De L'Ergo
B1: Dérive Sur Le Spleen
B2: Du Trépas Au Berceau
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"Les Heures Felines is the first EP from U25 on their own label Unative Records.

This work interprets the perpetual movements of human moods. We are witnessing the progression of a thought, a feeling which is constantly changing. Emotions take precedence over reason, they are supple and fluid and leave us with memories as disintegrated as we are. The beauty of man lies in his twitches. We are just blurred and faded sketches of what we would have liked to be. The result of all of these thoughts is told in those hard kicks, tortured pads, melodies, voices and breakbeat.




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