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Planetary Assault Systems – In From The Night (Reworks & Edits)

A1: In From The Night (Adam Beyer and Webbha Rework)
B1: In From The Night (P.A.S Edit)
B2: In From The Night (P.A.S Live Edit)
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Planetary Assault Systems revisits 'In From The Night' with edits and a remix from Adam Beyer and Wehbba.

Planetary Assault Systems is one of UK techno veteran Luke Slater's most enduring aliases, a project focused on forward-thinking techno with maximum cerebral impact. 'In From The Night' came out in 1993 as part of the 'Planetary Funk Vol 1 EP' on Peacefrog and has remained an underground favourite since.

Here on his own Mote-Evolver label, Slater revisits the track with a fresh perspective across two edits and an interpretation from Drumcode's Adam Beyer and celebrated Brazilian DJ/producer Webbha. The techno titans team up to deliver a remix with thunderous energy as tense synths patterns loop, evolve, and grow ever more edgy as the track unfolds throughout.

On the flip, the first 'P.A.S. Edit' is a potent touch-up that finds pounding drums overlaid with raw and textural synth patterns alongside occasional crashing claps and a rising sense of dark cosmic energy. The 'P.A.S. Live Edit' unfolds in broken patterns and reverberates with menace as more searing synth lines fire across the dance floor.




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