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Border One – Radon EP

Token TOKEN96
A1: Tracer
A2: Split
B1: Nuclide
B2: Radon
54,90 zł
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Border One debuts on Token with the Radon EP.

The artist's first outing on the label gathers up four more floor focused recordings, whilst maintaining the rich, low-sunk atmospherics characteristic of so much of his popular work. Dense and propulsive, the EP majors on leftfield sound design, with synth abstractions underpinned by warm, pulsating polyrhythms.

Opener Tracer sets the tone for the record with sleek, swung sequences sparring and panning off one another. Each component shifts and develops neatly over its run time lending the recording an exciting live element. Split, the EP's most obvious main room missive, strikes from the first kick drum - classy and well worked, the recording marries tight snare rolls & a tripped out breakdown without losing any sense of style. Nuclide opens the B side, and continues in this same, effervescent vein - channelling pure peak time energy. Title track Radon closes the EP - a stunning exercise in purist techno that places its emphasis on a single repetition to great effect, buoying the work with occasional flourishes that serve to propel the track on towards its end. A top tier release from a certified talent within the contemporary Techno genre.




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