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Deniro – Saola EP

Token TOKEN110
A1: Saola
A2: Vaquita
B1: Gharial
B2: Baiji
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After a more than convincing debut on Token with his contribution to 2020's Fuga II compilation, Deniro returns with a 4-part sonic manifesto entitled 'Saola'. With each track name referring to either a highly endangered or extinct wild animal, Deniro offers analog efficiency denoting various ecospheres through minimalist composition. Linear in form yet immersive in effect, Saola guides the listener from lucity into spacious abyss.

Initiating the EP with the title track, 'Saola' confronts with what can almost be perceived as a hastily played piano. The A1 provides nail-biting dissonance to kick things off with hypnotic delay, gripping the listener until the very end with consistent progression through a simplistic albeit powerful percussion line. Deniro then picks up the pace and shines things up with a brightly stabbed synth and 16th hats to roll us through the highly efficacious followup, 'Vaquita'.

Even more explosive than its predecessor, Deniro uses 'Vaquita' to show tense restraint in his arrangement that's complemented by his pressing lead sequence.

The record is then flipped to reveal a B side that takes off as soon as the needle hits the wax. 'Gharial' begins explosively full-on, throwing the listener into a vicious pursuit soundtracked by a fleetingly polyrhythmic arpeggio. The energy is underlined by rolling snares and toms to expand the width of the EP before arriving into the final excursion through the record's most introspective piece. High pitched plucks like stars brush along a song that inspires discovery. Whirlpooling white-noise in the far stereo field gives deep ambience to 'Baiji', offering an ethereal conclusion to an suspenseful adventure.




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