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ORBE – Transhuman EP

Token TOKEN102
A1: FM-2030
A2: Extropy
B1: Transhuman
B2: Posthuman Being
54,90 zł
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The Spanish producer arrives on the label with a brace of high energy, atmospheric dance floor cuts. Leaning tentatively towards a more booming, warehouse-ready finish, the four track EP channels funk, density and smart sound design in equal measure.

Tripping opener FM-2030 marries a bold, aquatic lead sequence with glassy pads set in the sonic periphery that serve to create a pleasing sense of suspension. Drum machine flourishes help guide the recording onwards, increasing intensity where required and exuberant synth hits wax and bend in support along the way, tying up a classy, rolling number. A-side follow up Extropy features booming, fathoms deep low end and that same sunk, introspective finish. Noisy percussive elements inject groove and dynamics to proceedings while a growling synth shifts in and out of view for added effect. Caustic B1 Transhuman builds itself around a single warping lead, expertly tweaked and plied along its run time to generate a palpable hysteria. Buoyed by expertly centred kicks, it's a powerful piece of off kilter dance floor material. Closing piece Posthuman Being drives the record home - an expertly executed slice of peak time Techno, complete with driving bassline and crisp atmospherics for added character.




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