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Tapefeed – Revolving Door

Inverterate INVTRT001
A1: Plain View
A2: Inveterate Liar
A3: Plain View (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)
B1: The Archetypes
B2: Kickback
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Tapefeed launch their new label Inveterate with a furious and forward-thinking 5-track EP, which includes a class remix from Cocktail Party Effect. This EP brings together the duo’s ethical beliefs with the energy of protest against an elitist society. This runs through every element of the project, musically and visually.

‘Revolving Door’ deals with the constant corruption of unaccountable governments. It’s inspired by ‘Inveterate Liar’, the track which gave the label its name and its focus, and the title comes from the feeling that nothing ever changes, that one thief is simply replaced by another.

“Plain View’ is about the power in the Fourth Amendment that allows any officer to seize any evidence and contraband that is found in plain view, a loophole wide open for lies and brutality to creep through. ‘Kickback’ is what you pay to grease the wheels of the corporate machine, and “The Archetypes” refers to the five archetypes of politicians: the joker, the technocrate, the messiah, the rebel and the outsider.

These are five tracks thumping with the power and spirit of resistance, bringing unrest and revolution to the heart of the dancefloor.




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