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New Frames – Burn Rate

A1: Heart Racer
A2: Burn Rate
B1: Final Fantazy
B2: Givv Fukk
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Following their releases on Haven, Bite, and R-Label Group we are ecstatic to welcome New Frames with their premier EP for LFEK.

Their A1 track delivers an opening volley in the form of a genuine diesel engine. “Heart Racer” goes full throttle with rolling acid arpeggiators and bittersweet melodies. A track we eagerly await in one of their infamous live sets. In A2 “Burn Rate” offers a claustrophobic vision with its phantom whispers and pumping bass lines.

The B side kicks off with another entry into the ever-expanding, micro-genre bending multiverse of New Frames. B1 “Final Fantazy” delivers high octane action as breakbeats go head to head with trance stabs. And finally in B1 “Givv Fukk” ghetto riffs find themselves strapped onto industrial drums.

New Frames „Burn Rate“ EP is the official soundtrack of the 2021 rave renaissance and the ecstatic third summer of love.




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