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Indeck – Introspection

A1: IIIIIIIII (Original Mix)
A2: IIIIIIIII (D.Carbone Remix)
B1: IIIIIIIII (WarinD Remix)
B2: IIIIIIIII (Electrorites Remix)
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Techno Culturae records launches its first EP and debuts in the world of vinyl with a really hard release. Composed of an original mix, by Indeck and three remixes, D. Carbone, Electrorites and Warind. Dark sounds distinguish this output which represents a real introspection of the dark soul of the artists, where the distorted sounds of the drums and the properly saturated lead / pads, emphasize the frequencies, standing out in a basically hard techno mix that is really interesting. They follow the metrics in a very precise way with different pauses and restarts typical of a sound that is not monotonous, but hard and motivating.




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