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Hakai – Flesh Reconstruct (Blue Vinyl)

A1: Invading Executioner (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix)
A2: Anxiety (Christina Sealey Remix)
B1: Ningen (Phase Fatale Remix)
B2: Bury Me Alive (Blush Response Remix)
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MEGASTRUCTURE_ Proudly presents FLESH RECONSTRUCT, a collection of reworks of tracks of Hakai’s first EP, NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED.

This series of alternate-universe takes on the originals features four major heavyweights of the techno scene – Inhalt Der Nacht, Phase Fatale, Blush Response, and a rare solo remix appearance from Christina Sealey of Orphx.

Each mix takes a drastically different approach. Inhalt Der Nacht’s remix of INVADING EXECUTIONER features clean vocals from Blush Response, something not heard since 2014. Once buried in the original mix, they are now at the forefront. Next up is Christina Sealey’s mix of ANXIETY, featuring haunting war horns and organic analog grooves, along with new vocal contributions from Hakai member Jagoda Nagel.

Phase Fatale’s mix of NINGEN starts off the B-side with a steady broken beat techno workout. This serves as a perfect transition into Blush Response’s remix of Bury Me Alive, which is a full on noise assault at warp speeds. This one is not for the faint of heart!




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