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Asquith – Time Warp EP

A1: Time Warp
A2: Back To Danny's (Ripped CD Mix)
B1: Enter The Core
B2: Clapton Rider
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Asquith is back for 2021 with a heavy selection of jungle, techno and hardcore tracks that dive deep into the sub-heavy rave continuum.

Following up a smattering of releases in pandemic year 2020 including Love Is A Mystery, Rave Til Dawn and Temple Runner, plus the scorching Acid Monkfish as Reehl and the deep diving You Know How Much You Mean To Me as Vanisher. Time Warp sets the tone for a year of renewal and further growth, channeling the influence of some of his Lobster contemporaries and an expansion into further sound development. The EP opens with the title track 'Time Warp'. Weighty rhythmic low end collides with glowing pads, vocal calls and MIT bleep synths in a techno-bass-bleep cross-genre melting pot. 'Back To Dannys (Ripped CD Mix)' evokes a past time of post-rave drives back to ya mates'. Semi-detached afterparty shenanigans, the original spirit of rave, baggy pullovers and keeping the party alive.

The flip side opens with 'Enter The Core', a classic Asquith booming warehouse techno number with glacial synths and stocky, plastic break chops. The EP closes out with 'Clapton Rider (Original Mix)'. A retro-leaning jungle number dusted off from the drafts and given a lease of life as the B2. A warm, breaks-heavy number for the close.




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