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Unknown Artist – Tooflie Edits 003 (Marbled Vinyl)

Unknown Artist – Tooflie Edits 003 (Marbled Vinyl)

Tooflie / TFL003
63,90 zł
A1: Str Asj
A2: Eld Ayo
B1: Aki Aa!
B2: Vut Hay
Produkt niedostępny lub w Twoim koszyku znajduje się jego maksymalna dostępna ilość

Tooflie keeps up deep-vein research instinct to remake and remodel the hidden gems of the worldwide archive quirks to tomorrow's dancefloor. Label's best-kept secret anonymous producers return with a highly anticipated funk-driven four-tracker voyage to pan-Asian crates, from Bollywood to China with a journey to Uzbekistan and Southeast Asia. They're here to take you on a gleeful joyride around their collective musical imagination: the A side sweeps in with a hypnotic feel via psychedelic swells, tension-building textures, and a bumpy, hardy rhythm, while the next cut is softening sharp edges of Bollywood original and adding sophisticated melodic expression into dancefloor territory. Do the flip to find two more bright refixes' of Chinese and Uzbekistan tunes. The bubbling 303-driven rhythms of the 'B1' are packed with sleazed-up keys, thumping bass injections, and resonant chants. The latest cut goes full-on ecstatic disco mode and finishes the release with a clean, floor-filling edit of a rare uplifting slice of Uzbekistan's celestial magic. Vinyl-only and in a very limited quantities as usual!




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Unknown Artist – Tooflie...

63,90 zł