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KaySoul – What Is Blackness?

A1: That Blackness
A2: Africanus (feat. Gustavo Martinez)
B1: 10 Ways (feat. Steve Faets)
B2: East Meets South (feat. Kurtx)
B3: Yak
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South African producer, KaySoul, shares a dreamy cut of deep house goodness which features the input of instrumentalists from all across the globe.

What is Blackness? EP is all about melody and groove - two things to which Johannesburg resident, KaySoul, is well accustomed. The stripped-back opener "That Blackness" gets things off to a soulful start with a melody swaying gently over minimal percussion and funk-adjacent lower ends. Next up, Colombia-born, Brazil-based musician, Gustavo Martinez, steps up to offer his expertise on "Africanus": a more meditative take on deep house with melancholic cries of a saxophone and maracas which lend the track a full-bodied swing.

A pulsing kick drum provides the driving propulsion to "10 Ways": a joyous track which drafts in French pianist, Steve Faets for

melody duties. Bringing the EP to a close is the final artist to feature, fellow Johannesburg resident Kurtx, who steps in for the super cool, synth-driven "East Meets South" before the hollow-sounding percussion and and looped vocals "Yak" leave things on a blissful, enchanted note.




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