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Holo – In Limbo EP

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A1: In Limbo
A2: Bleu
B1: Supersonic
B2: In Limbo (Dark Mix)
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Rising contemporary electronica musician Holo will be releasing his new In Limbo EP via Houseum’s sub-label Ellipse Records on the 25th of February. The Australian producer burst onto the scene in 2019 after seeing his first track 'Atlas' uploaded on the Houseum YouTube channel and after releasing his debut EP of the same name, with house music heavyweight UK label Shall Not Fade’s sub-label Lost Palms. The EP featured the deep house classic ‘In My Dreams’ that earned over 2 million streams on Houseum channel.

Hugo Horwood (Holo himself) is originally from Canberra and is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His music draws from unexpected genres, including pop, classic rock, acid and 90s hip hop, to create a sound that is truly his own.

‘Bleu’ is the first introduction into the kaleidoscopic EP that will subvert your expectations from the get-go. With a gradual start, the listener is rewarded for taking the extra time to lean back into the song and explore the multilayered tones of chilled vibes and an inescapable otherworldly realm. The first hint at the artist’s vocal talents, the single leaves the listener begging for more.

‘In Limbo’ is the epitome of holidays: luxurious soundscapes and unhurried production at each turn. Join us as we venture down a long, winding road that hugs the mountains on one side and showcases a vast aquamarine world on the other. Just above, around the bend, you know there’s a house party waiting for you that promises sunsets and good vibes but for now, the road stretches on and there isn’t a rush in the world. Why would there be, when you’ve got Holo on the speakers?

It took a long time to get 'Supersonic' sounding the way Holo wanted it to, particularly dialling in the bass sound he could hear in his head. It reminds him of Fatboy Slim's 'Right Here, Right Now' or Robert D's 'Clubbed to Death' (from that scene in The Matrix with the woman in the red dress) with its swirling bassline and relentless drums. The guitar parts at the end are inspired by the intro to Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond'.

Holo once had this “Airbnb for music gear” business idea and tried to validate it by buying an original Roland TB-303 to rent out to other producers in Melbourne. He ended up stopping that project but found he was way too in love with the 303 to sell it, and he's glad he didn’t because it's been a constant source of inspiration, and it’s all over this track. He’d been mucking around with an acid line over “In Limbo” and found that the 303 line worked brilliantly with the drums and bassline by themselves, so he immediately saved a new version of the project and didn't look back!




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