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Guy J / Budakid & Jamie Stevens – The Lost Remixes

A1: Guy J - Catfish (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
B1: Budakid, Jamie Stevens - Story Of Tokay (Khen Remix)
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The Malta-based label Lost & Found has just added a new edition to the catalog! It's one of those releases the music lovers don't expect but adore. It would never be possible to imagine Khen's take on Story Of Tokay by Budakid and Jamie Stevens or Jonas Saalbach's vision of Catfish by Guy J.However, the music speaks for itself throughout almost fifteen minutes of pure brilliance! Both tracks have a visionary sound that transcends the barriers of the genre and can satisfy the hunger for emotionally overwhelming production around the globe. It's difficult not to expect impressive releases from Guy J's record label, but the 79th edition once again proves the fame of Lost & Found doesn't rely on just the hype. It's all about character, quality, and refined production ideas.




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