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Afriqua ‎– Colored

A1: Tema (feat. Ruven)
A2: Dope
A3: Sociodelic
A4: Shout
B1: Birdlandia
B2: Noir
B3: Upstream (feat. Zap Mama)
B4: Tuner
C1: Zenith
C2: Native Sun
C3: Go Tell It (feat. Salomon Faye)
C4: Whatever Means
D1: Jumpteenth
D2: Burn
D3: Space Dookie (feat. Big Farma)
D4: At Last
109,90 zł
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Berlin-based producer Adam Longman Parker announces Colored, his first full-length LP as Afriqua for R&S Records.

The album is a celebration of the unifying power of Black culture through the prism of electronic music.

After releasing successful singles "Soul Correction," and "Chronic Cool," and the back-to-back Aleph and Vice/Principle EPs, a full-length album was the ideal format for Parker to expand on the sounds typified in his dancefloor productions. Colored is a natural culmination of Parker's stylistic spectrum, spanning from house and techno to experimental and abstract electronica.




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