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Inhalt ‎– Simulation

A1: Alles (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
A2: Language (Rhys Fulber Remix)
B1: Schwarz (Black Merlin Remix)
B2: Commerce (Lokier Remix)
C1: Alles (Kris Baha Remix)
C2: Language (John Fryer Remix)
D1: Schwarz (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
D2: Commerce (David Harrow Remix)
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Los Angeles-based Inhalt assemble a strikingly unique selection of eight producers across generations styles and musical backgrounds to remix and simulate Inhalt's 2018 Commerce EP.

On a backdrop of EBM techno electro industrial and more these new remixes vigorously intensify Inhalt's examination of neo-liberal capitalism and identity. Through this process a new alluring narrative of the tensions of 2020 is born.




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