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Pablo Bozzi – Magnetisma

Bite BITE020
A1: Magnetisma
A2: Early Answer
B1: Let It Roll
B2: Ightless
B3: Invocation
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Pablo Bozzi is a Berlin-based French producer also known under the alias of Lapse of Reason and as ½ of projects like Soft Crash, Infravision and Imperial Black Unit. Bozzi, who has been long recognized for his ability to omit electronic music conventions with remarkable ease, returns to BITE with his second solo EP on the imprint. BITE020 serves as a further exploration of his signature Italo Body Music style. In the best traditions of so-called Bozzi Music, the EP is a stylistic hybrid rich with nostalgic synth lines, electro and new beat influences, while this time leaning even more into the hard-hitting EBM territory. All while staying true Bozzi’s playful and euphoric spirit, which resonates with so many dancefloor enthusiasts. Artwork by Silent Editions and Simone Ling Design by Eloise Leigh Mastered by Gianmaria Dell’Aera




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