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Various – Raval Rave Breakers Part 3

M.U.S.A. MUSA004
A1: Univac - E-Collider (Fractions Remix)
A2: La Maquina Corrupta - Certesa
A3: Brodmann 41 - PLSM4
B1: Exzakt & BFX - Close (Privacy Remix)
B2: RNXRX - Holodeck Delusions
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The Raval Breakers strike back, blasting a rather fitting soundtrack to the dystopian times we are living in. This third volume gets together old and new friends of the M.U.S.A. family who show their personal takes on electro. The first track is a deep and explosive yet somehow contended cut; made in Rub by its legendary producer Univac, inspired by The Hague and remixed in Russia by the duo Fractions. La Maquina Corrupta sends a trancy, breaky and acidic cut from Berlin and Sistema, which inaugurates his new alias Brodmann 41 for some paranoid electroclash action. On the flip, Privacy does a great remix of Exzakt & BFX, mixing electro rhythms with a narcotic and nocturnal atmosphere that adds dubstep flavor to the formula. Finally, Barcelona's own RNXRX closes this third EP with a broken and dirty track that sounds like a high-definition face punch.




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