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DJ Ciderman, Aron Ya, This Is Our Soundsystem ‎– This Is Ourpeggio

This Is Our Time TIOT-DISCO4
A1: DJ Ciderman - In The Heat Of Passion
A2: Aron Ya - First Dog
B1: DJ Ciderman - Dance Floor Beat
B2: This Is Our Soundsystem - Ziza In Space
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In this new edition of our TIOT-DISCO series DJ Ciderman invites his friends to share an EP with him made in synthesizer heaven. With ‘In The Heat Of Passion’ he serves sweet arpeggio sundae with lustful house vocals on the top and with ‘Dance Floor Beat’ he takes you back to ‘88 to a proper new beat party in Belgium. He collaborates with his label partner and longtime dj mate Soundbank as This Is Our Soundsystem on ‘Ziza In Space’, an ethereal cosmic trip with bubbling sounds & quirky synth flutes. Together they persuaded their slyly hesitant friend Aron Ya to do a track for TIOT already and as a result 'First Dog' was born, a crossbreed between a peak-time disco-extravaganza and jazzy jamming. These are our treats for the club season, save your pocket money and grab one!




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